An Introduction to Python

This is an introduction and some projects for beginners in Python. The projects use turtle graphics so results are visually pleasing from the start.

They were written for an after-school coding club at junior level (years 4 to 6). The projects are challenging for this age-group, but the club is strongly-supported by knowledgeable helpers.

The introductory two modules are adapted for the Raspberry Pi, but could easily be interpreted for any computer running Python 3. The project modules themselves (modules 3 and up) do not depend at all on the type of computer in use.

… with some science

These projects can be taken purely as exercises in coding and debugging. However, each project connects to science and mathematics (STEM) topics outside the coding: shapes in nature, colour perception and mathematical curves.

Many coding projects for young people focus on the creation of a game, as if this were the only use of a computer likely to interest them. The author has never grown out of play, but his view is that the real world is more interesting than any game.


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